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As one of the leading radiator repair experts in Georgia, Kendrick Radiator offers expert radiator repair services for all commercial vehicles and generators sets. Whether you have a cooling system that won’t cool or a raidiator that needs repair, we will give your vehicle or generator a free inspection and free estimate. As a result you will know exactly what to expect before we start servicing your radiator or cooling system.

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At Kendrick Radiator, we have built our reputation on honesty, value and commitment to our customer care. Kendrick offers a myriad of radiator services, from cleaning to repairing to recoring. We specialize in all heavy industrial radiators, including those from automotive, trucks, caterpillars, heavy machinery, bulldozers, generators, and tractors as well as heat exchangers, after coolers, charge air coolers, industrial equipment, fuel tanks, transmission oil coolers, and hydraulic oil coolers.


In order to accommodate facilities that rely on generators for lighting, heating and/or cooling, we will measure the equipment at your facility. We then have the cores built and in place, working through the weekends if necessary to complete and test your radiators. In this way we will keep your down-time to an absolute minimum.

Heavy Duty Radiator Service

You expect a lot from your truck. And you rely heavily on its running smoothly and efficiently, all of the time. Nothing lasts forever, but you can extend the life of your truck through regular maintenance. It is common knowledge that by performing preventive maintenance, the cost-per-mile to operate a truck can be reduced. Visual inspections, performed often and in a thorough manner, can prevent costly break-down out on the highway. When small problems are detected, especially with the cooling system, they should be checked by a professional and rectified. Remember, small problems left unattended can cause huge headaches. Also, avoid overheating your engine.

Check the coolant level periodically. It should never get below minimum. If there’s a coolant leak, no matter how small, have it fixed immediately. If the engine temperature starts reading hotter than usual, have your cooling system inspected.

Coolant analysis is also important. Heavy-duty antifreeze contains ethylene glycol and an additive package formulated for different types of engines. These additive packages not only fight rust, scale and corrosion, in diesel engines they protect wet cylinder sleeves from cavitation. Even when coolant levels are properly maintained, additive depletion, which occurs as the coolant ages, can cause serious damage. Sometimes draining, flushing, and refilling the cooling system is required to get rid of dissolved solids.

Hoses should be inspected for signs of wear, bulges, cracking, and leaks. Hose clamps should be checked for tightness. The list goes on…

Automotive Service and Repair

Automotive Service and Repair services all makes and models of cars and light trucks foreign and domestic. We are a full service shop performing diagnostics, electrical repairs, emission repairs, regular maintenance, timing belts, water pumps and all cooling system repairs. We do brakes, axles, wheel bearings, suspension repairs, shocks and struts, fuel injection system service and repairs. Air conditioning and heater repairs, we repair and replace engines and transmissions.